Solution – Bioscape Digital

A suite of tools, bundled to align with 3 guiding principles:

Engagement, Experience and Care Coordination

Innovative Features


Improve your results through more effective communication: real-time feedback, leadership rounding, virtual nurse call and much more…


Empower your patients through easy to understand education and tools with multi-language support


Real-time measurement capabilities, combined with actionable intelligence allow hospitals to improve performance today…


Welcome, set expectations and orient your patients and family. Setting expectations is critical to creating a positive experience.


Provide a positive distractor to your patients, family and friends


Improve service quality, leading to improved outcomes


Elevate quality through standardized education and processes


Connect your patients and family to system resources, reducing outmigration and readmission


24/7 Customer support, Hardware replacements and dedicated Account Managers

Tailored Equipment

Purpose built for hospital and healthcare workflows

• Quick Installation

• Simple Infection Control

• Efficient Management

Reporting & Integration

Providing real time actionable intelligence. A must to effectively manage healthcare.

Feedback scores by: room, doctor, nurse, mid-level and account

Quantify discharge instructions and understanding

Document leadership rounding

Real-time secure communication and notification

On-demand Ad-hoc and periodic reporting

Patient Engagement Center

Multi-channel support to keep up with your patients no matter where you are.

What our clients say about us

“Bioscape Digital’s Patient Engagement Platform really has taken our patients’ experience to the next level. I am excited, as I know we are just scratching the surface of their capabilities: from real-time feedback to portal signups, the platform really is one of a kind.”

Amy Riley

Service Line Administrator for Emergency Services at Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville, FL.
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